Normally, when people build their houses, they want it to draw attention. Especially those who live in huge mansions or designer homes. The goal is to get people to notice and admire their architecture and more. If you are Tomas Osink, then it’s the complete opposite. Aptly named The Invisible House, this residence does a great job of staying inconspicuous through clever means.

First of all, what contributes to its fascinating claim is the location. Sitting in a remote private 90-acre property a few minutes away from Joshua Tree’s downtown area, nobody knows it’s there unless they’re told beforehand. Next, is how The Invisible House is designed.

What allows the structure to blend with its surroundings are the tempered glass walls. The exterior surfaces sport a mirror finish, which creates the illusions that there is nothing there. Observers would really need to know what to look for so they can make out the home’s silhouette against a rocky backdrop.

Up close, it somewhat looks like a skyscraper that sits horizontally. Meanwhile, the uneven terrain reveals that The Invisible House sits on robust concrete pillars. This somehow makes it seem that it also floats above the ground. Inside, the high ceiling coupled with the large glass panels delivers a panoramic view of the landscape.

If you’re up for a dip, you have access to a large indoor swimming pool. There are four bedrooms and bathrooms accessible via sliding partitions. With Barely any walls dividing the various spaces within, those staying at The Invisible House are in for a surreal experience.

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Images courtesy of Tomas Osinski