Even if enthusiasts tell us that brewing beer is easy, we would rather be drinking instead. Still, there might be times that a person’s curiosity peaks and pushes them to try their hand on interesting stuff. Leave it up to technology to take the guesswork out of certain aspects as we discover The Pinter from the Greater Good. As its namesake says, this gadget will make pints of fresh Beer.

Craft breweries are snobbish when it comes to the beer-making process. Although we also love the traditional way folks get their amber brew, which is in a bottle, access to a free-flowing tap is also something we want to have. The starter kit comes The Pinter itself as well as two Pinter Packs.

Basically you’re getting everything for brewing up to 20 pints as each Pinter Pack is equivalent to 10 pints a pop. You see, most big-name brands and micro-breweries normally bottle or can their product before they ship out. The Greater Good let you skip this entirely

This means some batches could lose those wonderful flavors that would have been otherwise enjoyed by drinkers. With The Pinter, you have direct access to the most aromatic and tasty beer at the comfort of your home. Choose from a wide array of Pinter Packs or just order your favorite when supplies are low.

To brew your beer, just empty the contents of the Pinter Packs inside The Pinter then add water. Slide it right into the Brewing Dock and keep it upright and let fermentation take over. Store the container in the fridge to complete. The Greater Good even offers it in a myriad of colors: Jet Black, Frost White, Tropical Yellow, True Blue, Hot Red, and Slate Grey.

Start brewing a pint now – $104

Images courtesy of The Greater Good