In the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of coolest limited-edition whisky releases. With the upcoming Lunar New Year this month, distillers are now offering special versions of their popular spirits ahead of the festivities. This is awesome if you love the drink, but we are forgetting those who love the amber brew instead. Jackalope Brewing Company wants you to grab a pack of their Bearwalker.

So far, we are loving the artwork on the can as well as on the company’s other brews. Its trippy and fun, which adds character to what you are about to enjoy the moment you pop one open. With a generous selection available for beer drinkers, we can enjoy a variety of flavor profiles such as the one from the Bearwalker. It is a Maple Brown Ale that you can enjoy all year round.

This is a must-try for folks who love the wonderful taste of Maple Syrup with their waffles, flapjacks, bacon, and practically everything else out there. So, why not with their alcoholic beverage of choice, right? The inspiration behind the production of the Bearwalker comes from their CEO and Brewmaster’s roots in Vermont.

Jackalope Brewing Company infuses pure maple syrup during the conditioning phase. Furthermore, the Bearwalker is hoppier than your average brown ale to balance everything out. Each 12-ounce can is rated at 5.1% ABV and 32 IBU. The unique character of this beer will likely keep you drinking more than your usual. Ultimately, we recommend that you also check out their lineup of year-round and seasonal brews.

Grab a pack

Images courtesy of Jackalope Brewing Company