The Gerber Armbar Drive is a compact utility gear that keeps like a pocket knife but operates like a full-size multi-tool. It mixes maximum utility and minimal footprint and offers seven tools you can work with.

Among the features included in this portable multi-tool are the pry bar, a bottle opener, spring-loaded scissors, and hammer. It also has a 2.5″ fine edge blade and razor-sharp awl for punching holes through tough materials such as leather or wood. Then you have a 2.5″ screwdriver arm with a 1/4″ hex driver. The screwdriver comes with a double-sided bit that is removable so you can mix and match bits you already own.

The Gerber Armbar Drive boasts all these handy tools from a compact gear that only measures 3.6 inches length x 0.7 inches width. It is also amazingly lightweight at just 3.1 ounces, you’d forget you have a fully-capable multi-tool in your pocket. It sits well in the hands and has a good grip too so you can complete tasks safely and comfortably.

For convenience, the scissors and the blade are easily accessible on the outside frame and operable with one hand. The blade closes with a liner lock to keep you safe from accidental cuts and snips. This also allows you to apply maximum force so you can get the job done right. The blade requires minimal maintenance thanks to its 420HC stainless steel construction. The same goes for the handle material which is from aluminum stainless steel. The Gerber Armbar Drive comes in two solid and attractive colors of blue and onyx.

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