These days drones are everywhere. Since most can be bought cheaply, it doesn’t even matter if your first flight ends up in failure. Just throw the damaged one away and grab a new one. For those who want some serious performance and capabilities, the FPV from DJI might be your next quadcopter.

Aside from pulling off crazy stunts or taking breathtaking shots or videos, some folks using drones for racing. This is the niche in the quadcopter market that DJI hopes to corner with the FPV. Normally, enthusiasts rely on a specific equipment combo to participate.

These include the drone, a camera, and a pair of VR/AR Goggles, and the remote controller. Just like other ready-to-fly platforms in DJI’s growing catalog, the FPV packs all the features you need to have fun. There are three flight modes to choose from and each has a set of parameters to match the user’s skill level.

Novices should start with Normal mode unless they just want to burn money. If you know your way around DJI’s lineup of quadcopters, then Manual is the way to go. The third is Sports mode which combines a bit of the hand-holding features with unrestricted control over the FPV’s maneuvers.

If things get rough, just activate the Hover or Emergency Brake function. Another handy option is the Return to Home which you can toggle to have the FPV navigate back to a set location or do so when it loses connection.

The standard package includes the FPV drone, FPV Goggles V2, remote controller 2, cables, and a battery unit. The quadcopter is controllable and will transmit footage up to 6.21 miles via dual-switching frequencies. Its integrated camera is mounted to a gimbal for shake-free operation.

Buy – $1,299.99

Images courtesy of DJI