At this year’ CES, Sony was showcasing more than just its usual lineup of TVs, Speakers, and PS5 games. Instead, the company was also flexing its current position as a powerhouse in the imaging industry. So far, we’ve seen the Xperia Pro and its latest flagship camera – the Alpha 1 – in their full glory. To our surprise, we are also getting the Airpeak drone which is compatible with the new DSLR.

Sony has its fair share of experience in the field of robotics. In fact, it was the first company to offer an advanced robot pet – the AIBO – for consumers. Much like the Xperia Pro and its ability to function as a compact color-accurate monitor, the Airpeak drone is a cutting-edge platform with creative professionals in mind. As noted earlier, it features a mount for the Alpha 1.

The product page states: “Combining our imaging and sensing technological expertise and AI Robotics, we open the skies into an infinite creative playground – one with unprecedented freedom. Let us lift you to never-reached creative experience by unleashing all constraints and barriers. It remains to be seen how the Airpeak performs in the already saturated drone market.

However, it appears Sony wants to target a specific demographic who want a high-quality quadrotor drone specifically designed for the Alpha range of DSLRs. The onboard AI will reportedly make real-time adjustments. This lets the Airpeak keep images and videos virtually shake-free and in focus during a shoot.

Meanwhile, the two landing arms automatically retract upon flight. We’re loving the all-black profile of the Airpeak as well. We hope to learn everything about it when the official specifications become available. Sony is yet to announce the pricing and release date for this awesome drone.

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Images courtesy of Sony