Innovations in modern display technology allow manufacturers to develop thinner and larger panels. Most consumers still use televisions for entertainment, but projectors are gradually making their way into more homes. ViewSonic introduces the M10 — a new portable RGB laser smart projector aimed at people who want a cinematic experience they can take anywhere.

There’s a reason why projectors are considered niche devices even by tech-savvy users. Despite its advantages, the caveats usually keep interested buyers on the fence. Given some large-format flat-screen televisions with all the latest bells and whistles can cost less compared to a projector with the same capabilities, it’s no wonder why many stick with the former.

Meanwhile, the M10 is positioned as a feature-packed option with a surprisingly compact form factor. Given most commercially available laser projectors are imposingly large, ViewSonic’s offering might be enough to convince people to make the switch. Ambient light shouldn’t be an issue with its 2,200 RGB laser lumens of brightness.

Even the most snobby of cinephiles can’t ignore its claims of a 100% BT.2020 wide color gamut accuracy. ViewSonic also notes that the M10’s lamp-free system is rated to last up to 30,000 hours, which closely matches the longevity of high-end LED projectors. It measures 202 mm x 165 mm x 92 mm and weighs approximately 2.99 lbs.

The M10 can generate images 40″ to 180″ depending on how far it’s positioned from the wall or projector screen. Turn it in and let the auto H/V keystone and instant autofocus make all the necessary adjustments, which you can fine-tune afterwards. The integrated step-less stand allows for precise angular adjustments. Furthermore, rubber feet on the rear let you throw images at the ceiling.

No need for external speakers as the built-in units boast Harman Karon audio technology for immersive entertainment. “Embrace the agility of its compact and lightweight design, ensuring portability and space efficiency. Whether you want to stay at home or be on the move, the M10 is your ideal entertainment companion.,” writes ViewSonic. The pricing and release date details have yet to be announced.

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Images courtesy of ViewSonic