Normally, campers and RVs are great platforms for folks who have no qualms about roughing it outdoors. Still, if you look hard enough, there are some brands that can take it to the luxe level for a price. When the wealthy demand even more refineries, Dembell presents the Land Yacht. For the eccentric ones who fear traveling by plane or boat, this is your must-have transport.

True to its name, the German group, goes all-out for the luxurious motorhome. Only high-class design and craftsmanship with premium materials go into each Land Yacht. With some exceptions, most RVs and campers prefer modular systems to optimize the limited space available.

Dembell, on the other hand, does not constrain itself with such issues. To address this, clients can configure their Land Yacht with multiple motorized slide-out sections. They choose to have it for the living area, kitchen, and bedroom. As for the interior, they’ve partnered with an Italian studio that worked with Azimut Yachts.

Although you can likely personalize everything according to your tastes, there are three themes for reference. The cockpit features four separate seats with air spring systems and massage functions to help you relax. Above that, there is a lift-away section that houses a queen size bed for guests and children.

The kitchen is equipped with high-end Miele appliances. Entertainment comes from 55-inch TVs with a Bose sound system. Meanwhile, the classy bathroom has a large shower area with sinks, a toilet, and a shower tray in ceramic. Dembell keeps you comfortable in cold weather with a central heating setup. Depending on the trim, the Land Yacht even has adequate garage space to house your supercar.

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Images courtesy of Dembell