Tactical wallets do not have to be thick and bulky. They can also be slim and tough at the same time just like the Coldfire Carbon Fiber Wallet, which can survive just about anything it comes up against.

The use of military-grade materials makes this classic bi-fold wallet practically indestructible. CARBITEX CX6™ black soft carbon fiber pane gives it unparalleled strength and a modern appeal. Meanwhile, the Dyneema reinforced lining, which is 15x stronger than steel, enhances its durability. Top this off with military-grade threads for solid and tight stitching, you get a minimalist money carrier guaranteed for life.

Besides its tough construction, the Coldfire Carbon Fiber Wallet boasts timeless elegance. The use of kangaroo hide leather ethically sourced from Australia gives it an overall unique appeal. The brand’s iconic aerospace-grade Ti 6/4 logo plate even adds a rugged touch to the overall aesthetics.

Outside of its form factor, this slim wallet does a good job of holding your cards and keeping them safe from data theft. It has six card slots to accommodate 6-12 cards, a couple of slip pockets, and a space for your banknotes. It comes with RFID shielding technology that prevents illegal data mining.

As for portability, the Coldfire Carbon Fiber Wallet seamlessly fits in your back pocket. It measures 115 x 86 x 11 mm when closed and 227 x 86 mm when open. It only weighs 50 grams which makes it light and easy on the pocket. The use of matte black carbon fiber likewise makes this wallet feel soft in the hands.

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Images courtesy of Coldfire