The WingWallex Minimalist Wallet offers multiple card storage without the added bulk and heft. Its unique design allows you to store not just cards but folded bills and protect your data as you go.

This everyday carry takes inspiration from the design and features of a bi-fold wallet. It can hold a whopping nine cards and still remain slim and lightweight. It has an easy access slot for your main card or ID and more storage for standard size cards through the spring-loaded clip retainer, which is expandable

The WingWallex Minimalist Wallet is designed not just with portability in mind but with ease of use. The cards can easily be retrieved with a flick of a finger. You can also flip or fold back the “wing” shield to access the cards or any other contents in your wallet. It displays your cards for easy retrieval.

Moreover, it not only holds cards or IDs. It features an elastic band where you can put in folded bills, receipts, or banknotes. Just like any other modern wallets of this highly-technological era, this everyday money carrier uses RFID shielding technology, which prevents illegal data mining of your most secured cards.

The Wingwallex Minimalist Wallet boasts a construction meant for longevity. It features a nylon and anodized aluminum frame that keeps it durable and light at the same time. Similar to other wallets with a slim factor, this EDC looks inconspicuous enough in your jeans or trouser pockets. It also boasts an elegant and professional look to suit your everyday style.

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WingWallex Minimalist Wallet

WingWallex Minimalist Wallet

WingWallex Minimalist Wallet

Images courtesy of WingWallex