The Freycinet National Park in Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places for retreat and relaxation in the whole planet, especially if you’re looking to detoxify your body of the ills and troubles brought about by living in the city for so long.

Make no mistake, though. This place isn’t just for taking a break from the city life. Instead, it’ll actually help you reconnect with nature on a molecular level, and perhaps even usher you to a new understanding of what it means to be outdoors.

One of the best tourism fronts in the area is Freycinet Lodge, and they run the Coastal Pavilion in Coles Bay, which sits on the east coast of Apple Isle. It’s a retreat that perfectly integrates man-made comforts into the forest setting.

It’s not that large, it should be noted, but its relatively quaint space makes the whole area feel more personal and less convoluted. You’ll find a king bed, a huge deck with a hammock jutting out just below it, an outdoor bath, and more. The point of this space, apart from connecting with nature, is for guests to have as much privacy as possible and immerse themselves in the outdoor life for as long as they need.

The Freycinet National Park in general is one of those “you must go see before you die” type of places, and we’re not exaggerating when we say that it is simply one of the best retreat locations if you ever find yourself sick of the city life. Suppose you’re planning to go, you should really consider booking a stay in Coastal Pavilion.


Photos courtesy of Freycinet Lodge