Talking about top-tier wristwatches, it’s easy to overlook other brands that might have something exclusive to offer. For example, we immediately associate Casio with its G-Shock and Pro Trek series of timepieces. That’s because these models are some of its most popular products and the outstanding durability is remarkable. However, we want to remind everyone that the Japanese watchmaker produces a lineup of luxury-grade timekeepers as well. One such item that earns the spotlight is the upcoming Casio MRGG2000RJ-2A and it’s an absolute looker.

The company reveals that it is a limited-edition release for its MR-G label and features unique materials. It appears to be a follow-up model to their samurai-inspired MRG-G1000B-1A4 Akazonae and oozes the same vibe through its design. In order to withstand all the abuse that you throw at it, the watch uses titanium for the case, clasp, and back cover. Moreover, Casio claims that the material goes through an innovative hardening treatment that makes it five times more durable than before. The dial sits under a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Meanwhile, the inner coating of the lens ensures optimal readability and clarity.

What makes the Casio MRGG2000RJ-2A stand out from its brethren is the one-of-a-kind bezel. The elegant purple finish is the result of its Arc Ion Plating (AIP) process that gives it the color. Additionally, a mix of Murasaki-gane and Cobarion make the bezel two to three times tougher than steel. You can also check out the case back which features a special inscription engraved by Teruhira Kamiyama, a well-known Japanese bladesmith.

Images courtesy of Casio

Ownership Starts At $4,300