Have you ever wanted to hide a knife inside a dog-tag-sized everyday carry accessory? Well, now you can. The B-2 Dog Tag Knife, over at Kickstarter, conceals a sharp blade under its gorgeous black stainless steel body, always on the ready if you need to cut something.

The first knife from this company, called the B-2 Nano Blade, impressed critics and fans alike for its ultra-small profile. At the time, it was heralded as the world’s smallest tactical pocket knife. The sequel is bound to turn heads. The B-2 Dog Tag Knife features a fully concealed nano blade pocket knife.

It comes completely redesigned, bearing nearly none of its predecessor’s aesthetic touches, except for the slim profile. The blade this time hides under a military style sheath, which looks as slick as it’s badass. The material this time 400cc black stainless steel. The knife features a sharp flat ground straight edge. Perfect for thin, sharp precision slices and everyday use.

It may be tiny, but it’s a pretty versatile cutting tool. So sharp, in fact, you can use it to cut nearly anything, just don’t go crazy. This is still an everyday carry, after all, not a full-fledged hacksaw. The tiny body means you can take it anywhere — be it camping trips, backcountry adventures, or bring it just to be safe, plain and simple. Keep it in your wallet, even. Or wear it as a dog tag. Anything works, really. Convenience and versatility in the same package Learn more below.


Photos courtesy of Bomber & Company