The competitive EV market sees many manufacturers strive to outdo each other at every opportunity. Most never make an impact, while others have taken a slice out of Tesla’s massive share. Right now, the company has two major platforms in development – the Cybertruck and the Semi. Meanwhile, a concept called THE SOKUDO, shows us what could be in the works.

In truth, the all-electric motorcycle segment also reports a steady growth. Even some of the world’s leading brands are now considering emission-free versions of their most popular models. To date, Elon Musk has yet to share any hints of interest regarding the subject of two-wheelers.

Thus, it’s up to design groups like Ash Thorp to give us a preview of what one would look like. Taking cues from the angular outline of the Cybertruck and the Cyberquad, THE SOKUDO sports a sharp silhouette. If Tesla does eventually dabble in electric motorbikes, this might as well be the source of inspiration.

THE SOKUDO is one of many digital renders created by the San Diego-based concept artist and Carlos “colorsponge” Pecino. It is part of their M.H.C. Collection. At this point, technical specifications are unavailable, but the frame should house a high-capacity battery and a powerful electric motor.

From what we can gather from the images, the matte black polygonal fairings of THE SOKUDO could be a mix of carbon fiber and aluminum. A custom swingarm and inverted fork sit on carbon fiber wheels with massive brake discs that peek out. However, the absence of a traditional seat might make the ride a bit uncomfortable for long trips.

Check out their other works: here

Images courtesy of Ash Thorp