Elon Musk habitually makes bold claims on social media regarding the next big that he comes up with during his downtime. Yet, we did not expect the eccentric CEO to unveil a product that does not involve transportation, space travel, or whatever improvements he has in mind for existing technology. You must admit that a lot of us were blindsided when Tesla unveiled a limited edition surfboard that retails for $1,500.

In the past, Musk offered us items that such as apparel, toys, collectibles, and gadgets. In retrospect, it’s a common practice for companies to do so in order to promote the brand, and Tesla appears to be no different. Nevertheless, it looks like the electric car company plans to target consumers who love the sun, wind, and waves.

The combined efforts of the folks from Tesla Design Studio alongside renowned surfboard shaper, Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, and Lost Surfboards, gave birth to this sleek and capable product. The body is wrapped and reinforced with “Black Dart” carbon fiber, which, according to the product description, mimics the interior of the company’s electric vehicles.

To contrast the matte carbon fiber scheme of the top deck, the bottom flaunts a bright red shade and both sides neatly showcase the company logos. There are currently no plans to produce more than 200 units of this exclusive item, which certainly makes it a must-have gear while supplies last.

You can be sure that this surfboard will easily fit inside or outside your Model 3, S, or X. A little patience is required since orders will normally take around 2-10 weeks to fabricate and deliver. Owners should know that the fins are not supplied in the package.

Tesla Surfboard

Photos courtesy of Tesla