The problem with at-home exercises is the lack of guidance. There is no trainer to look at your form so you get tempted to slouch, slack off, or execute a bad form that could lead to an injury. The Tempo Studio fitness machine takes the place of a personal gym trainer through the use of 3D sensors.

This home exercise machine gives the impression that you are back grinding at the gym. It has elite trainers that guide you on your routine and they correct you real-time. This is made possible through 3D sensors and built-in AI that track your movements so you get form guidance as you go. A red warning on the screen alerts you of any mistake or incorrect form so you can get it done right on the next rep.

The sensors and AI also count your reps and recommend weights aside from tracking your form. It tracks calories burned, heart rate, records your exercise milestone and advises on the proper and healthy form. It is an all-in-one home fitness machine that even offers workout classes you can join.

The Tempo Studio fitness machine does not look daunting at all for an exercise machine despite its 6-foot height. It comes in a triangular shape and equipped with a 42-inch touchscreen TV. The machine even houses your workout gear from dumbbells, workout mat, change plates, and more. It comes with its own exercise equipment, which is a deal in itself. This also makes for a neat and easy storing afterward because every gear has its dedicated place.

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Images courtesy of Tempo Studio