It’s a great thing when you are open to trying new things especially when it comes to whiskeys. Sure each individual has their own favorites, but you can miss out on a lot of the good stuff if you stick to what’s familiar. Among American distillers, there are several standout names in the business. Templeton happens to be one of them and it has the 10 Year Rye to convince skeptics.

Although we don’t really identify as such, we’ll gladly pretend to be one and sample its signature flavor. In addition to what makes the whiskey unique and memorable, the presentation also plays a big factor when you think about it. For this batch, Templeton is releasing the 10 Year Rye in a new bottle.

Moreover, it seems the entire lineup is getting a package refresh for 2021. In our opinion, its revamped containers look classier than before. Instead of the printed labels on the older releases, the new ones now have the Templeton branding with a single stalk of rye just below embossed on the middle section.

The same goes for the 4 Year Rye and 6 Year Rye, but the 10 Year Rye gets a special tag and a badge that looks like weathered metal set just above the base. Now, let’s move on to the good part. “Aged a full decade in charred new American oak. Bottled from a hand-selected single barrel,” says Templeton.

For the aroma, the distiller lists green apple, apricot, toasted oak, vanilla, and rich chocolate. As for the taste, it is smooth, floral notes with honey, dark oak, and Templeton’s iconic rye spice. Finally, the finish is clean with a lingering hint of butterscotch. The production of the 10 Year Rye is limited so it’s best to grab one or two right now.

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Images courtesy of Templeton Distillery