Most pickup trucks or SUVs are enjoying the benefits of their horsepower and torque for overlanding. Additionally, the higher towing capacity allows owners to enjoy the creature comforts of more rugged camper trailers. As for the rest of us, TEDS is cooking up something cool for outdoor enthusiasts. This here is the TEDPoP – a rooftop tent that can accommodate a family of five.

Although there is nothing wrong with traditional portable shelters or sleeping bags, sometimes we just want a hassle-free alternative. This is where pop-up tents shine, but the TEDPoP is perfect for spots you can just drive and park. In other words, locations that are ideal for weekend getaways form the urban jungle.

According to TEDS, their product is supposedly the “world’s first pop-up dual expandable rooftop tent.” It seems all 691 backers of their Kickstarter project believe so and funded them way beyond their $20,000 goal. So far, it’s cool that you can pack it all in a sleek hardshell top.

This means you can just install the TEDPoP and leave it there safe from the elements and more. The manufacturer wants to make setup virtually effortless as much as possible. Thus, the folding support frames easily lift up with the help of condensed gas strut bars.

This mechanism also deploys the extension panels. You can access the tent via two telescopic ladders on each side. Inside, there is a 2.5-inch-thick mattress so you can relax in any position. Moreover, windows on each side provide a 360-view of your surroundings.

The entire thing measures 90 x 50 x 14 when closed and 125 x 50 x 120 when opened. Its ABS hardshell comes in white or black. Also, the polycotton canvas of the TEDPoP is available in three colors: Green, Gray, and Dark Wine Red.

Buy – $4,190

Images courtesy of TEDS