For camping or overlanding, most pickup truck owners invest in a camper or maybe even a trailer. After all, why sacrifice the creature comforts of home when you have options right? On the other hand, purists want nothing but to rough it out as their form of leisure which is why the aforementioned stuff is strictly out of the question. Then, perhaps the GentleTent GT Pickup might be more up your alley.

No fancy installation needed here to supply your temporary shelter with power or whatnot. Instead, this is a pure off-grid type of affair that boasts top-notch quality and features to make your outdoor excursions a treat. GentleTent prefers to call the GT Pickup the “Taco Tent,” which seems fair given the shape it resembles once fully deployed.

This vehicle-based camping gear using the space of your double-cab pickup truck’s bed as well as the roof. Although from what we can gather from the images provided by GentleTent, your vehicle might need to have a rack. Sadly, a single cab version is not available, given the area it needs to support a full-size mattress.

GentleTent’s product page notes that the GT Pickup is compatible with popular platforms such as Colorados, Tacomas, Rangers, and Frontiers. It can fold down into a highly portable 7 inches high and weighs only 62 pounds. Its inflatable nature makes it easy to transport and store.

After setting it up, there should be approximately a 5-foot-long living area with a 7-foot height clearance. Multiple mosquito windows keep the bad biting bugs out and provide excellent ventilation. The GT Pickup tent uses a waterproof and breathable material to maintain a refreshing climate within.

Buy – $4,292.99

Images courtesy of GentleTent