Video games cater to various genres and each has its own following. While gaming offers a platform for people to enjoy a digital escape from reality, others prefer to stick with simulations instead. Third-party accessory manufacturers are happy to oblige with a wide range of peripherals that enhances gameplay. Fans of flight simulators have their flight sticks, while gearheads can grab The Classic Car Trust (TCCT) eClassic Racing simulator. Unlike modern gaming steering wheels, it promises an old-school experience.

It was not long ago when we introduced a full-motion system from Cranfield Simulation. What makes it different though is its cost and the type of vehicles it virtually replicates. On the other hand, the eClassic Racing simulator might appeal to folks who prefer something more traditional. TCCT is also working with a Swiss developer for the software that delivers a nostalgic vibe for discerning gamers.

What makes these rigs extra special is the input from Zagato and Pininfarina for its construction. From an aesthetic standpoint, the manufacturer aims to recreate the single-seat race cars of old. To be specific, the ones from the 1930s to the 1940s. As such, we can spot vintage elements such as wooden steering wheels, leather bucket seats, and a manual gear shifter with a design that matches the period.

Even the body is a striking tribute to how they were building Italian racing automobiles back in the day. While the presentation is undeniably retro, the hardware and technology that ships along with it are cutting-edge. The action is displayed on a trip-screen setup to make it more immersive. The eClassic Racing simulator also sits on a hydraulic base, which provides the necessary motion and haptic feedback.

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Images courtesy of TCCT