Threats to our personal safety and that of loved ones can happen without warning. You can be outside or inside your home and encounter situations that can put lives in danger. When using deadly force is not advisable, non-lethal alternatives are there to help out. TASER announces the Pulse: Kryptek Edition for those who want a handy defense tool.

Promising the same level of performance as those used by law enforcement personnel, this limited-edition version is a more stylish take on the platform. The attractive aesthetic might make it seem like a toy but it packs the same stopping power as its regular versions.

According to TASER, it will immobilize human targets up to 15 feet away for 30 seconds. This high-tech device is for civilian use against those who might seek to harm them. The Pulse: Kryptek Edition ships with two live cartridges, a lithium battery, and a conductive practice target.

Shaped exactly like a handgun, don’t let the striking Kryptek Altitude Camouflage print fool you. This self-defense gadget promises a professional-grade punch to incapacitate any attacker. Weighing in at just 8 ounces, it’s lightweight and easy to operate even without any prior firing experience.

Even if you’re not a sharpshooter, the Pulse: Kryptek Edition features assisted targeting. It relies on a high visibility flashlight and a laser so you know if your shot will hit. Meanwhile, the housing uses a high-impact polymer for trustworthy durability.

TASER assures all buyers that they will replace your device free of charge if it was used according to its “Safe Escape Guarantee” guidelines. Moreover, if you grab the Pulse: Kryptek Edition right now, the first 250 customers receive a TASER x Kryptek hat for free.

Buy – $429.99

Images courtesy of TASER