It doesn’t matter where you stand when it comes to gun control. Cabot Guns’ catalogue of jaw-dropping firearms are works of art. One of its masterpieces was recently featured on our pages with its hypnotic patterns. The Diablo Damascus was certainly a sight to behold with its exquisite presentation. For our readers who want more from the gunsmith, this time we have a pair of M1911s that set the bar so high. Aptly named Fire & Ice, these twin pistols are fashioned from rare materials coming from the earth and the stars.

We’re not kidding because these premium pieces are using different premium metals to give it mesmerizing aesthetic. Most of the parts you see can use artisan Damascus steel. Most of which have a unique appearance that exposes some of the layers forming a unique texture. After this extensive process of etching the details, the next step is coating the surface with Black Ice diamond-like carbon. This gives it another measure of durability against scratches and just looks stunning overall.

Meanwhile, that gorgeous interplay of light you see there comes from a special blend of artisan-forged steel and titanium called Damascus Titanium. The mixture of the metals creates a damascene pattern that weaves along with a blueish shade on the grips and triggers. To top it all off, the front and rear sights are crafted out of a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite. Finally, the magazine release sports a blue sapphire gemstone. The Cabot Guns Fire & Ice is a custom set of firearms that arrive in a hand-crafted case made by Marvin Huey.

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Images courtesy of Cabot Guns