When crafting something with a retrofuturistic theme in mind, there is a delicate balance that many should consider. Push the aesthetics toward one style too much and it could potentially ruin everything. Hence, with years of experience, comes the ability to envision exactly what you want and to execute everything flawlessly. This appears to be what Tarform brings to the table with its Luna platform. This new electric motorcycle model flaunts a striking design that will please its owner.

Over the years, manufacturers of automobiles and bikes have expanded their horizons. While most still produce traditional combustion engine rides, many have completely switched over to zero-emission alternatives. Fuel cells have been introduced in the past, but its safety profile in case of accidents is still subject to debate. Thus, rechargeable batteries are the ideal option for now.

With more consumers now understanding the devastating effects of pollution, clean energy is becoming the go-to solution. Tarform embraces the concept and carefully crafts its machines with this in mind. The Luna boasts a virtually reliable electric drive train that promises minimal maintenance and dependable performance.

The 55-horsepower rating of its 41 kW electric motor can take riders from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. Meanwhile, Tarform lists the top speed at above 90 mph. A 10 kWh battery pack provides the Luna a little over 120 miles on a full charge. Recharging from 0-80% takes approximately less than an hour. Other notable features include a 3.4-inch HD display, Bluetooth connectivity, blind-spot detection with haptic feedback, and others more.

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Images courtesy of Tarform