Sit back and relax as we welcome another battery-powered two-wheeler that comes in a stylish package. We would like to point out that the Tarform Electric Motorcycle oozes with elegance. The company made the right decision to drape the machine with muted colors. The move adds a layer of sophistication to its appearance.

The company carefully blends influences taken from Brooklyn, New York as well as Stockholm, Sweden—where its offices are located. You must admit the overall aesthetic is quite striking to behold—the padded-leather seat adds a cool vintage touch to break the dominance of metal in its construction.

A close-up inspection of its body showcases a minimalistic matte finish that somehow manages to give off a retro vibe. The grey, black, and brown colors promote a cohesive design that relies on planet-friendly technology inside. The café racer-inspired exterior carefully hides the electric motor and batteries within the frame.

According to the manufacturer, both of the above-mentioned components will feature a modular system that allows owners to upgrade its range and power. If executed properly, this will turn it into an adaptable machine that’s always ready for more enhancements.

Tarform has yet to reveal more details regarding its Electric Motorcycle project. However, we’re just glad to learn that a future dominated by sustainable transportation is close to reality. Interested buyers can now choose from two models: a Founders Edition unit that will see delivery in 2019 or the standard model that will begin production at a later date.

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Photos courtesy of Tarform