The humble jump rope gets a modern upgrade in the highly-advanced 21st century with the Tangram SmartRope PURE. This cardio exercise gear saves you the trouble of counting jumps so all you need to concentrate is your breathing and speed.

This innovative fitness gear uses magnetic sensors attached to two sets of ball bearings found in each handle to accurately keep track of your jumps. It employs a 45-degree jump rope housing for smooth, natural motion and each full revolution counts as one jump.

The Tangram SmartRope PURE does not use just any ordinary rope. It has a lightweight, resilient rope that you can adjust to your height and preferred jump state. This enables you freedom of movement and ensures a safe experience since it prevents the chance of you tripping on your own two feet.

As with any modern fitness trackers, this smart jump rope also features real-time syncing of your workout data to your smartphone using its dedicated Smart Gym app. Without a phone, the device itself stores up to 100 sets of fitness exercise data. The mobile app also gives you the option to compete with friends and set your fitness exercise goals.

The transparent polycarbonate even-weighted handles give you a glimpse at all the advanced tech inside and house the status LED, which tells you when the device is paired with the Smart Gym app. It also tells you when your battery is high or alerts you when it’s time to recharge. The Tangram SmartRope PURE gives you 45 hours of battery life for a single two-hour charge.

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Tangram SmartRope PURE Tangram SmartRope PURE Tangram SmartRope PURE Tangram SmartRope PURE

Tangram SmartRope PURE

Tangram SmartRope PURE

Images courtesy of Tangram