Its sad to hear that healthcare experts are reporting what might be the dreaded second wave of the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak. With no end in sight just yet, we can only imagine the stress it brings to our life. It might be easy to turn to alcohol or medication to ease its burdens, but there’s also another option. Check out what the Somadome Meditation Pod offers before your reach the breaking point.

You’ve probably heard the word “Zen” being thrown around by self-help videos online or books. Take note that those preaching it already have years of practice under their belt. For some of us who are just starting, perhaps a little assistance from cutting-edge tech can push us closer toward a relaxed state of mind.

At first glance, the Somadome Meditation Pod reminds us of Darth Vader’s own meditation chamber. Therefore, this made us eager to learn more about this wellness device. Users lay back into the comfortable recessed seat and let this gadget take over.

Maybe the thought of surrendering your wellbeing to science is already a good start. Within the confines of the Somadome Meditation Pod, you will be treated to a mesmerizing light show of colors to induce healing and tranquility. Another layer in the treatment is the use of micro-crystalline tiles along with a proprietary design.

This supposedly adjusts our body’s natural electromagnetic frequency. Finally, the Somadome Meditation Pod also uses binaural beats to gently encourage our brain to reach a meditative state. The combination of these systems will leave you feeling refreshed, peaceful, and full of vigor to face another day.

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Images courtesy Somadome