A little over a week ago, we featured a cool gadget that promoted wellness. For those of you who have experienced a professional massage, it’s something that no machine can actually replace. Sadly, the current situation makes it difficult to get one when you need it. Therefore, folks turn to percussive therapy to ease their aching joints and muscles. However, if we have the means and the cash, the Quantum Massage Chair is the way to go.

This is just one of the many health-oriented tech that made its debut at CES 2021 last week. Given that the pandemic has put our health into perspective, many are now willing to prioritize their wellbeing. What Bodyfriend brings to the table is an all-in-one upscale machine that promises next-level relaxation.

Firstly, the design is on another level which sets it apart from most run-of-the-mill options. The Quantum Massage Chair looks chunkier than others, but in its case, that’s a good thing. You see, this costly investment packs features one would normally find on luxury vehicles and exclusive accommodations. If we get the opportunity to personalize our chairs this would be the configuration we want.

To match its futuristic profile, The Quantum Massage Chair ships with Bodyfriend’s Naver CLOVA AI Voice Recognition system. Not only does it give you hands-free versatility, but the machine learning algorithm eventually adapts to your usage patterns and automatically makes the adjustments. While waiting for your session to end, the 10.1-inch touch display and Bang & Olufsen sound system should provide ample entertainment.

Learn more about it: here

Images courtesy of Bodyfriend