There is a renewed interest surrounding Wear OS right now. Therefore, TAG Heuer makes an announcement of its own. Gamers – especially fans of Nintendo – must check out the Connected x Super Mario. At first, we were thinking it would be a traditional timepiece. Instead, we have a luxury-tier smartwatch on the way.

For those who are unaware, this is not TAG Heuer’s first smartwatch. In fact, we have featured a few of their more extravagant models in the past. Still, the Connected x Super Mario strikes us as its most unique yet. As such, the Swiss watchmaker chooses one of the most iconic series under the Japanese gaming company’s banner.

From a hardware perspective, the wearable should pack the same internals as its regular versions. Nonetheless, what primarily makes the Connected x Super Mario so cool is the presentation. Next, is the software tweaks to Wear OS that add a fun twist to your activity tracking.

To encourage you to meet workout goals, special animations of Mario are unlocked each time you reach a specific milestone. Meanwhile, the Connected x Super Mario smartwatch packs four new watch faces. These are all themed to match the video game franchise.

What we do know is that it will come in a 45-mm stainless steel case. The black ceramic bezel shows the TAG Heuer crest at 12 o’clock, a Super Mushroom at 3 o’clock, a Warp Pipe at 6 o’clock, and the Super Star at 9 o’clock. Other game-related elements include the “M” of Nintendo’s mascot on the crown.

The Connected x Super Mario ships with two straps – one with a black/red colorway and another that’s purely crimson. An “M” is likewise visible on the stainless-steel buckle. TAG Heuer will only have 2,000 units available.

Buy – $2,150

Images courtesy of TAG Heuer