It’s Spring, sprouts are popping up, baby animals are born, and hairy-chested men are getting their barbecue gear ready for the grilling season. If you fall into the latter category, you might wanna ditch your ‘Kiss the Cook’ smock and strap on a badass Tactical Chef Apron.

While it won’t protect you from bullets, this 100% cotton cooking shield will keep your clothes safe from searing juices and maintain all your grilling tools in place. The awesome BBQ apron is equipped with a real MOLLE system, as well as 2 large pouches and 3 smaller pouches, which means you’ll have the essential equipment needed for cooking within arms reach at all times, including BBQ forks, tongs, spatulas, brush, thermometer, spices, and of course, beer.

ThinkGeek Tactical Molle Apron was created with the mission to contain and control all grillling tools.

The Tactical Chef Apron comes emblazoned with the title ‘CHEF’ in Velcro, so you can replace it if you wish, with something more appropriate, like ‘Grill Sergeant’.

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