It is with great pride that men will voluntarily rise to the occasion when something needs fixing. The handyman in us just won’t let us live it down if we fail to help out and get the job done. Hence, this is exactly why every day carries (EDCs) are essential if we want to be prepared. The game is about to change with the Tactica M250 is about to change the game

These can range from pocket knives, multi-tools, and other survival gadgets. However, the issue arises when you’re in the airport since there are strict regulations on what you can bring along. A solution is at hand with the Tactica M250.

It is a pocket-friendly hex bit driver that’s reportedly given the A-OK by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This is great news because now you will no longer feel incomplete whenever you travel. Since this bad boy will usually sit in your pockets, it will most likely share space with your smartphone.

Worry not because Tactica is ahead of the game by using a lightweight military-grade composite. This material is apparently as tough as they come but is gentle enough to not scratch mobile devices in your pockets or backpack. This multi-tool is way ahead of the competition.

Design-wise, we like the unique magazine and holster combo that holds all of the bits securely in place. The container holds a total of 12 hex bits along with an extender attachment for extra reach. You’re getting Torx driver, hex drivers, flat drivers, and Phillips drivers in sets of three each. The Tactica M250 holster features a clip and a magnetic plate for added versatility.

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Images courtesy of Tactica