Advancements in technology are unlocking some outrageous options for those with the cash to spend on them. As long as you can afford the development and production, marine architects and shipbuilders will gladly tackle even the most challenging tasks. So far, we have seen designs and amenities the border on the insane but are nevertheless awesome. T. Fotiadis unveils a superyacht concept – the Ultra2 – that uses a hybrid system to keep it operational.

It is a 95-meter vessel brought to us by the Berlin, Germany-based studio to showcase a form with flowing lines. Save for a few sections, you’ll hardly find any sharp angles on the Ultra2. Of course, most projects of its calibre and magnitude often comes something special that allows it to stand out from the rest in the same range.

Most superyachts have features that would rival even the stateliest of homes. We’re talking about elevators, helipads, accommodations, and even a freaking garage for their land-based luxury cars. Meanwhile, the designers are entertaining the idea of giving the Ultra2 a military-grade safe room. Of course, the crew will also undergo rigorous training as an extra precaution for when things take a turn for the worst.

Circling back to its unique configuration, T. Fotiadis says that superyacht relies on an Azipod all-electric propulsion system. Additionally, the motor will be hybrid diesel-electric with the addition of methanol fuel cells for that extra boost. Thus, the Ultra2 might be even more desirable for folks who value tranquility and close-to-zero emissions. As with any vessel of its type, the interiors will overwhelm guests with extravagance according to the owner’s tastes.

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Images courtesy of T. Fotiadis