When you already have that gargantuan superyacht of your dreams docked at the marina. Most people would think that would be enough, yet others choose to not limit their goals. Most owners choose to purchase tender, which is actually quite helpful when there’s not enough room to moor closer to your destination. Usually, these vessels are designed to serve a single purpose – ferrying folks anywhere. However, there are those such as the Heritage 9.9, which offers so much more.

One normally expects a certain level of luxury aboard most huge leisure watercraft. Therefore, many would prefer that the smaller accompanying transport would at least match it by some level. Meanwhile, some folks find that bigger ones will require a sizeable crew to keep everything operational. Equinoxe Yachts International introduces the Heritage 9.9 as more of an in-between.

This day cruiser does not compromise performance and comfort. Credit goes to Nauta Design in collaboration with Francesco Rogantin’s Names naval architecture studio for its blueprint. Equally notable are the workers from Castagnola Yacht who are building the Heritage 9.9 from wood and carbon fiber.

The ship measures 10.91 meters in overall length, 3.54 meters for the beam, and a draft of 0.54 meters. Its twin 320-horsepower Yanmar engines allow it to reach speeds of up to 39 knots as well as a range of 160 nautical miles. Just sit back and relax as you lounge around the spacious deck of the Heritage 9.9. Fancy a swim? The swimming platform is just within reach. When it’s time to retire, head down to find a single cabin, bathroom, and a galley kitchen.

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Images courtesy of Castagnola Yacht