When your camper trailer is limited to spots easily accessible by regular vehicles, it might be the right time to upgrade. Guys can try to resist the call for adventure, but eventually give in to their instincts for one-of-a-kind thrills. The ideal platform should match the rugged capabilities of your SUV or truck and Mammoth Overland just opened reservations for the TL Genesis Edition.

Like any motorhome or RV, the manufacturer is more than happy to fully kit out this beast according to your specifications. However, a standard layout and configuration are available for others who just want a turnkey type of deal. Looking more like a tactical transport, it’s brimming with all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

To give interested buyers an idea of the space they need for this bad boy, the dimensions have been published online. The TL Genesis Edition measures 16’15.2″ long, 8’11.9″ high, and 7’4.4″ wide. This takes into account the 31″ tires with electric brakes, which also provide generous ground clearance. A dual Timbren 5200HD independent suspension system keeps the ride smooth.

From the outside, Mammoth Overland outfits this tough trailer with steel rock sliders, LED rock lights, an off-road hitch, a mounted ladder, a modular roof rack, Molle exterior racks, two spare tires, three Rotopax containers, a shovel, a hatchet, traction boards, and a bunch more. Since you’ll be spending most of your time inside, here’s what to expect.

Creature comforts within its living spaces include a king-sized mattress, a modular bunk bed/couch, a pre-installed propane system, multiple tinted porthole windows, a Dickenson heater, emergency exits (large windows), and an indoor/outdoor pass-through pantry. Food preparation should be no problem with its decked-out galley.

These are just the notable features included with the TL Genesis Edition. Keep in mind, that Mammoth Overland will accommodate customizations as long as it does not compromise other functionalities of the camper. A $1000 deposit (refundable) is required to book your build. Production is pegged for late 2024.

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Images courtesy of Mammoth Overland