Toyota’s surely made its presence felt among adventure seekers in the past couple of weeks with its string of exciting reveals. There was the Land Cruiser Se concept at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, followed by the FJ Bruiser concept at the SEMA Show. The latter expo also had another surprise for overlanding aficionados who crave something a bit fancy with this customized Lexus LX 600.

The Japanese marque’s luxury arm is not only known for its high-end sports cars and sedans, but also for its SUVs. Others might say it only repackages whatever Toyota builds into something more refined, but many will beg to differ on that note. What was on display at the event certainly had the underpinnings of a capable off-road machine, yet it exudes the elegance owners have come to expect from Lexus.

A full-size SUV with a collection of noteworthy add-ons tells us the LX 600 is ready for the challenges of the great outdoors. SEMA Show attendees were immediately drawn to the stunning color-shifting paint job. Aesthetics might be the last thing on anyone’s mind when out in the wild, but it shows us the manufacturer pays attention to details.

Lexus also kept the aftermarket customizations in check to give buyers an idea of what a practical setup would look like. The rear features a complete meal preparation package courtesy of Yakima. The EXO OpenRange Deluxe offers an all-in-one camp cookout solution that can be stored in a weatherproof enclosure when not in use. 

Next, is the rugged roof rack where you can securely mount larger items or cargo for the trip. Meanwhile, the driver’s side section features a Kammok awning system to provide additional shelter from the elements when needed. It seems the interior of the LX 600 remains in stock form, but there are other options to tweak the cabin for sleeping, storage, and more. 

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Images courtesy of Lexus