The T-ATV 1200 is a Tracked All Terrain Vehicle by SAND-X MOTORS that security forces all around the world use. That’s because it’s probably the only “real” all-terrain vehicle on Earth. In a sense, it’s the perfect utility for military and civil operations.

You ever hear someone ask if a car “covers all the bases?” Well, this one does, and then some. It boasts one of the safest and most stable land systems in the entire globe, which means it can navigate and endure harsh sand dunes. Also, it features B6 Level armor that’s designed for military operations and medical evacuations. In short, if your friend is in a real pinch (as in they’re stranded deep in the desert), this is your guy.

Because it’s designed to withstand the most unforgiving of terrains, it makes sense that the ATV can take any temperature from -50 to +60 degrees celsius. That means it’ll still bash through like a freshly-oiled machine even in scorching heat or extreme cold. Rain, snow, sand, rocky terrains. You name a difficult surface and the T-ATV 1200 will handle it just fine. The battle-ready off-road monster also has a low center of gravity and boasts a body combination of Kevlar and rubber, meaning it’ll be the toughest thing you’ll probably ever encounter.

In terms of speed, the vehicle accelerates from zero to 100km/h in less than three seconds. It can also reach a top speed of 185km/h. You’re also getting a payload and fuel range that, according to SAND-Z, are in a “class of its own.”


Photos courtesy of SAND-X MOTORS