The electric vehicle is seeing almost every type of automobile get the zero-emission treatment. The most popular right now are sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and supercars. Campers and RVs are gradually going green as well and we’re always on the lookout for what’s new. Our latest find is the adventure-ready concept from Sylvansport.

What drew us to this electric RV are the renders. The images show us a lot going on here, but the two-tone black/green colorway does grab your attention. In fact, at first glance, we were thinking this was a collaboration with gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer.

Even if it isn’t, the technical details promise an exciting experience for owners. The Sylvansport electric RV is a heavy-duty platform built for people who love to be on the road. It measures 25’ x 12.25’ x 10’ (L x W x H) which is enough to house all the creature comforts you might need.

This is not a solo venture either with Zeus Electric Chassis also on board to build this beast. This all-wheel-drive motorhome boasts military-grade axles and an independent coil spring suspension system. Liquid-cooled permanent magnet AC motors generate 290 horsepower with a whopping 3,000 lb-ft of torque.

Sylvansport also assures owners that this TV is no slouch when it comes to range. Mileage is crucial since RVs are intended to be always on the move. A full charge is enough to travel up to 400 miles before the batteries need to juice up. Perhaps, the addition of solar panels on the roof will help. A production-ready unit is slated to arrive in 2022.

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Images courtesy of Sylvansport