The CX20 is a portable shelter that combines “the adaptability of a tent, with the durability of campers,” according to its manufacturer, CMAX System Inc. Its unique design allows for varied interior capabilities, including adding an A/C  unit or other modern features to adapt to specific needs.

This shelter explores the next-level-flat-pack designs, folding up to just 37″ wide to weigh a total of 150kg for easy transport. But it expands once installed to sleep eight people, measuring 19 feet long and 7.4 feet wide (5.8 x 2.25 m), with a ceiling height of 7.2 feet.

It even boasts solid flooring and a rigid structure that’s strong enough to hold solar panels, an A/C unit, or a water treatment unit. The CX20 even offers a lockable door but takes advantage of natural ventilation via several retractable surfaces. It can also be made airtight to serve as a mobile laboratory or closed up for complete privacy. 

This unit was initially designed as an emergency shelter for humanitarian relief. But its adaptable design and durable construction makes it useful in various scenarios, including recreational or glamping activities. Its tool-free assembly means it can easily be setup and made to stand even on unstable grounds using telescopic legs that are independently adjustable.

The legs can be placed on the ground with a height difference of up to 2.36″ from one end to the other. The CX20 unit takes less then 11 minutes to assemble by just two people. Simply put the unit on the ground. remove the side locks, unfurl the sides, and adjust the inner sidebars to the cover. The legs can be accessed before folding down the sides. 

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Images courtesy of CMAX System Inc.