London’s Swytch Team wants to unleash the full potential of any regular bicycle with the Swytch Kit, an EBike system that converts your regular ride into an electric bike without sacrificing its original look and feel.

The kit is lightweight and versatile and comes in a form of a motor wheel and a power pack that is compatible with any type of bike, from road bikes to beach cruisers, big or small, old or new. The hub motor wheel, which replaces your regular front wheel, only adds 1.5kg of additional weight while the 2.2 kg handlebar-mounted power pack is removable, so you can instantly go from a regular pedal bicycle to electric bike.

The waterproof power pack features taped seams and a rubber socket for USB output and battery charging. It features a backlit LCD display where you can see the seven power levels, speedometer, speed/wheel configuration, and battery level.

The Swytch Kit can take you 25 miles or 50 miles on a 250W power for standard front forks (100mm). However, if you’re the type who craves for speed, then you can go for the high-power rear hub motor kit. Its power pack is capable of providing output power twice the standard wattage (500W), which means more speed covered. It can take you at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.

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Photos Courtesy of Swytch