Looking like it came straight out of a horror flick, the Svord Carcass Splitter is not your average kitchen tool. Even the name suggests that its purpose is that of a weapon of carnage on the battlefield. However, despite its threatening looks and menacing name, this is one heavy-duty cleaver that any butcher would love to have. It proudly shows off an 11-inch blade and measures 28.75 inches in total. We’re guessing that the longer handle will give users more leverage to split meat and bone with ease.

It’s not like most regular offerings that come out of the box all shiny and clean. The Carcass Splitter goes for a battle-hardened weathered look that just looks sinister. Worry not because the finish does not go all the way down to the edge. We’re not brave enough to mess around with its razor-sharp blade, which is more than willing to draw blood.

Svord crafts this cleaver out of 8670-grade high carbon steel and measures 7 mm thick. The handle is covered in black Micarta with a matte finish for that extra grip. It’s held in place using copper pins that were riveted in place by hand. Finally, it comes with a hand-stitched Italian leather scabbard to keep you safe from the blade.

This handmade food preparation tool hails from New Zealand. Credit goes to Bryan Baker, an expert cutler, whose talents forged this monster. Despite its appearance, sources note that its one of the highest quality blades out there. The Svord Carcass Splitter is one badass tool for the kitchen or combat.

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