The concept of EDCs is that most of these gadgets tend to be on the super portable side. We need it to be so that we can easily store these in our pockets, bags, and sometimes even in our wallets. Another requirement is that these items should be incredibly durable despite their size and weight. Given these requirements, we can say that the SureFire Titan checks all the right boxes. This is one durable EDC flashlight that will come in handy in some particular situations.

With a size that’s just a little over that of a AA battery, you can easily clip it to your bag, belt loop, or keychain. That way, in low-light or dark environments, you’ll always have a source a form of illumination handy. It’s powered by one AAA battery and clocks in at just 0.16 ounces, which means that you can barely feel its weight. Its lightweight design uses aerospace-grade aluminum coated with a military-grade anodized finish. Moreover, the flat edges around its sides give users superior grip, which is handy in wet conditions indoors and outdoors.

The SureFire Titan equips a high-performance LED with a cutting-edge reflector. The output is a balanced beam of light which the brand labels as MaxVision. There are two brightness settings available: the brightest being 125 lumens, while the dimmest is 15 lumens. Simply twist the head counterclockwise to activate and switch between the illumination levels. The tail cap features a stainless steel split ring for a secure attachment to various items.

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Images courtesy of SureFire