Nothing beats having a cold drink during recreational activities outdoors. As such, coolers are essential to keep your beverages cool even when it’s blazing hot outside. Unfortunately, these insulated storage boxes are not exactly designed for amphibious use unless you can load them aboard your kayak or personal watercraft. GoSports, on the other hand, gives us the Cuddy Crawler.

Shaped like a fancy floatation device, this bad boy is a rugged container designed to go anywhere with you. The manufacturer offers a standalone model ideal for the usual scenarios, but the one bundled with the detachable wheels is your best bet. The product page calls it a “rolling amphibious cooler” and it’s easy to see why.

The body is fabricated out of HDPE with dual-wall insulation which helps maintain the temperature inside. The Cuddy Crawler touts a 40-quart capacity which is more than enough space for our drinks and some ice. Two lids on each side make it easy to access the content no matter the orientation.

A set of T-latch handles secures the articulating parts in place to prevent accidental spills during transport. Speaking of which, the wheels are also crafted out of HDPE and mounted on corrosion-resistant stainless-steel axles. As hinted at earlier, these are removable and attach via a strap with Velcro closure systems.

For versatility, GoSports offers an optional Cuddy Cooler grip kit which replaces the wheels with stands. These accessories provide maximum traction on any surface. The hydrodynamic outline of the Cuddy Crawler allows it to float along with your kayak, boat, or PWC. There are handles on each end and four cup holders as well. Enjoy your excursions with this handy cooler in tow.

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Images courtesy of GoSports