MeTool’s AceStand works double duty to serve not just a sturdy stand for your phone but also as a reliable pocket multi-tool. Its sleek and minimalist design packs 12 of your most-used utility tools in a lightweight and strong titanium construction.

This EDC combines practicality with style and is perfect for DIYers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It can be assembled into a stand or separated into a tool within seconds without the extra bulk or weight, for a user-friendly and enjoyable experience. Its a compact stand measuring just 100 thick and weighing 53.3g.

The AceStand is CNC-machined from GR5 titanium, making it durable, resistant to wear and corrosion, waterproof, fireproof, and smash proof. It is foldable for an even more compact carry and with its integrated keyhole, it can easily hang as a necklace pendant or attach to your keys. 

This EDC uses a double detent mechanism, a magnetic connection design that allows it to easily fold in half. This way, providing ease of use when using any of its tools. It has a screwdriver, a bit driver that can accommodate both 1/4″ bit or a 1/6″ bits, and a bit storage. It also features a dual-scale ruler in inch and metric systems, a pry bar to open cans, and a bottle opener.

Moreover, a notch between the two flatheads at the bottom of the AceStand allows you to comfortably use the nail puller. This EDC also comes with a hex wrench and spoke wrench that can adapt to various models of hex and spoke wrenches, respectively. In case of emergencies, then this tool does not disappoint. It also packs a fire starter and a window breaker.  

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Images courtesy of MeTool