The team over at Discommon has tried their hand at a Golf Divot Tool, their first take on the classic golf divot tool/ ball marker combo. This tool is designed according to the company’s standard of aesthetics and ergonomics, being minimalist yet fully functional just like their wallets and other EDC items.

Discommon swears this tool will have any user 100% smirking and nodding when held in the hands. It’s a golfer’s EDC must-have with its sleek and curvy design unlike any of its kind in the market. Its weight feels satisfyingly comfortable in the hands and even features a magnetic “No Gimmes” ball marker.

Discommon’s Golf Divot Tool is single-pronged which greenskeepers often prefer over the two-pronged design because it is safer to use on the turf’s roots. The two-pronged divot tends to destroy instead of restore or level the green.  “Possibly the only thing more satisfying than landing one squarely on the green is getting to whip out a divot tool to repair the indentation. We’ve taken that experience to an entirely new level by designing this piece to be both a functional tool and a micro piece of sculpture art,” Discommon says .

The tool is “strikingly heavy in the hand” yet designed to be discreet in the pocket. Plus, it looks sleek and sophisticated, something that Discommon also applied to their Bottle Opener 3.0, which boasts a supercar-esque silhouette. 

Discommon’s Golf Divot Tool may not be aesthetically their “most aggressive silhouette”. But its design is certainly something not common in the market or as the team puts it: “This is the one where we kick ourselves for not being in stores (yet) where you could feel it.”

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Images courtesy of Discommon Goods