Bid now to have this ultra-rare 1975 Lamborghini Urraco P250 in your garage. It’s not a splurge at all — just $60,000 to start, and at that unbelievably low price point you’ll have a historic ride in your possession.

To be fair, the Lamborghini Urraco isn’t really a well-known model. Heck, it’s not one of the more spectacular Lambos in existence, partly because it served as a more affordable two plus two to compete with fellow Italian sports cars like the Ferrari Dino and Maserati Merak.

This model, though, is super rare. It’s just one of 21 P250 models ever built for the United States. It boasts a V8 engine with 217 ponies, freshly restored at a cost of over $15,000. Though the Urraco P250 certainly looks like one of Lamborghini’s more eccentric offerings, you will see plenty of things to love about this ride.

Sure, the Urraco P250 is not the most beautifully designed car in Lambo’s roster. And don’t expect it to wow onlookers as you drive by. Still, the profile screams classic. You have an elongated hood angled severely downward, which in theory shouldn’t look pleasing, but here it does. The execution is sublime — it looks weird without seeming too alien, too avant garde and inaccessible.

This Urraco P250 model in particular previously won the 2017 Chairman’s Choice Award at Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance in Seabrook, Texas. It comes with a service history binder, the original owner’s manual, and a clean Oklahoma title. The body features a refinished factory-correct black and comes with body number 580 stamps on the front and rear lids.


Photos courtesy of Bring A Trailer