Much like the growing availability of all-electric automobiles, emission-free mobility solutions are becoming popular among commuters. As with any platform expanding its reach, manufacturers are coming up with innovations improving performance and safety. Stromer is doing just that with its 2021 ST5 and providing consumers with the world’s first Speed Pedelec with an anti-locking brake system. With every other model out there shipping with almost the same features, this one appears to be an interesting option.

As battery and electric motor technology gradually improve, so does the capabilities of modern e-bikes. Although many prefer the convenience offered by battery-powered motorcycles, others prefer the versatility of traditional pedals. This allows ST5 users to not rely too much on a wall socket to charge their ride.

The new ST5 adds ABS to its list of qualities that make it a solid choice over other brands the market. Stromer is partnering with Blubrake using a combination of an electronics module, an actuator, and a wheel speed sensor. After pedaling for a while, you can rely on the 650W SYNO Sport motor to take over. It can generate 35.4 lb-ft of torque and maxes out at a top speed of 28 mph.

Its 48V BQ983 983 Wh battery fully charges in 5 hours and 30 mins with the supplied charger. Stromer notes that it has a range of about 110 miles depending on how hard the user pushes it to the limit. Now you can travel smoothly and with confidence given that the 2021 ST5 will do its best to protect you and provide stability the moment you hit the brakes.

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Images courtesy of Stromer