When you’re one of the chosen few who prefers eco-friendly over fuel-ran vehicles, then you go for electric-motor driven transport that usually comes with a heavy price. There are affordable ones too but you can never be too sure of their quality.

In comes Stark Drive, a Stockholm-based company that is fairly new in the electric bike business but has since gained recognition for their durable $399 full-size e-bike. This time, the company has reinvented the meaning behind affordable electric bicycles with a $299 offering– theStark Drive Mini.

The foldable mini version is the perfect transport for commuting and travel. A two-point folding frame and a combination of 14” wheels make the bike portable. The company assures that its 29-pound weight is FAA & TSA-compliant, so you can take it with you on air.

Despite its size, the customizable Stark Drive Mini can carry up to 265 pounds of weight and can accommodate a tall person (maximum 6’4 height). For $299, you get a 250W rear motor that can take you up to 15 mph (25 km/h) and up to 9 miles (15km) on throttle and battery power alone. You can go up to 25 miles (40 km) with pedal assist. The bike also comes with a USB charging feature, a 90 dB horn, and an integrated headlight.

The frame of the electric bike is equipped with 36V, 7Ah and 252 Wh removable battery, which you can upgrade to a 9AH or 12AH battery for an added fee. The company offers other customizations or upgrades for your Stark Drive Mini, including airless tires, GPS tracking, color displays, fenders, belt drive, and an upgrade to 350W power, to name a few.

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Photos Courtesy of Stark Drive