You never think of a beach house as a permanent residence. However, Dock4 Architects’ new take on the summer home essential might change your mind. The Apollo Bay Beach House sits amongst the coastal vegetation that fringes the bay. The minute you step up to your window, you’ll see the majestic waters greeting you as the sun rises.

Designed with relaxed coastal living in mind, the Apollo Bay Beach House crosses the line between inside and out. It does this through the use of multiple sheltered platforms and a strong visual connection to the outside, says Dock4. The firm worked with the space’s original cedar clad shack and built a new asymmetric steel structure below. They also developed new spaces in front and on top of the old shack. Spaces that are always bathed in light and constructed with angled walls to contrast the more enclosed, rectilinear rooms.

Inside, you’ll find that the palette is has a clean and light vibe to it. The main living area features a suspended matte black fireplace as the centerpiece of the space, and its flue stretches up through the master bedroom. This creates a sense of connection between disparate rooms. You get a broad view of the rustic outdoors from the main space, including the surrounding greenery and the marvelous hills just across the glistening water.

The Apollo Bay Beach House primarily features mid-century furniture, whose contrast come in the form of contemporary detailing and accents that complete the split-level great room. You’ll find more images of the space below, and you might find yourself with a new understanding of what a beach house could be.


Photos courtesy of Dock4 Architects