As far as we can remember, hot summer days are best spent in close proximity to bodies of water. Other than air conditioning, H2O is the next best thing that offers relief from the heat. Let’s face it, water fights in its various shapes or forms were some of the most fun we ever had. Obviously, water guns are the ideal weapons of choice and a company founded by Sebastian Walter is about to change how we play the game.

The Spyra One is a serious upgrade to our beloved water guns. It takes all of the features that conventional models offer and reworks everything into a serious piece of gear for summer warfare. This remarkable next-generation project is on its way to dethroning the Super Soaker.

What makes it so great in our opinion is the fact that it addresses the shortcomings of regular water pistols. Range, accuracy, and lengthy reload-times (filling the tank then pumping it to build pressure) often times ruins the momentum—which was why modernization was needed in the first place.

To address the challenges with range and accuracy, the Spyra One shoots water bullets instead of a stream. The fun-loving intellectuals behind this toy seriously did their research and came up with its patent-pending valve-nozzle technology. The 30 ml projectiles it fires are supposedly accurate for up to 7.5 meters and one full tank is good for 24 shots. Dip the nozzle in water and you can reload the rifle in 14 seconds with a single push of a button.

A built-in digital status display takes the guesswork out of the equation and shows the battery level as well as the number of rounds left in the tank. Once fully charged, there is enough power for one full day of non-stop fun.

Upgrade your summer arsenal

Photos courtesy of Spyra One