Even with the extra care, we are taking in safeguarding our homes using IP cameras, smart locks, and others, many are still reporting burglary cases. As desperation grows amid the pandemic, some criminals are now more prone to commit the act. Thankfully, we can turn to modern options like the Space Safe 2 to keep our valuables protected.

As the risk of break-ins grows, it might be time to invest in a heavy-duty container to store your precious belongings. Traditional personal vaults and safes are still widely available, but these come with outdated features.

If you are already enjoying the versatility of a modern smart home, might as well upgrade to The Space Safe 2 for additional peace of mind. Not only does it assure owners security of their precious items, but its connectivity gives them complete control over its capabilities.

Unlike conventional personal safes, the Space Safe 2 does not look like the typical metal box. Instead, we have a semi-futuristic profile with a 10-inch HD LCD touchscreen under a sheet of ballistic glass. The outer shell is 10-gauge steel for outstanding durability.

A round fingerprint sensor with a bright blue LED outer ring is another cool touch. It even matches the blue floodlights below the door. The Space Safe 2 measures 17 x 13.3 x 9.5 inches and weighs 35 lbs. You get 1.13 cubic feet of space inside with a USB-A and USB-C port for charging electronics inside.

In case of a power outage, the built-in 2,600 mAh battery takes over. Remote access is possible via the companion app once the Space Safe 2 is connected to your home network. 2 HD cameras, a speaker, and a microphone allow two-way communication.

Buy – $599.99

Images courtesy of Space