Some things are just meant to be hidden from prying eyes and idle hands— like your stash of prescription pills or expensive jewelry. A simple pouch won’t suffice as you need something more secure to hold them in just like the TROVA Go smart safe.

This high-tech storage device follows a strict locking process to ensure only you have access to the items inside. It uses a biometrics system that is accessible through a companion smartphone app. The app connects to the case via Bluetooth so you can unlock the device via thumbprint or face scan. This removes the need for any physical locks or passwords that you are bound to eventually forget.

The TROVA Go smart safe features enough storage space to keep valuable items. An internal strap can hold credit cards, bills, and more. There is also an upper lid strap to hold rings, necklaces, and other small jewelry via a magnetic closure. You have the liberty to choose whatever you want to stash inside to keep them safe and secure. The silicone interior helps prevent scratching or breakage on your prized possessions and its aluminum-alloy body keeps it lightweight.

Moreover, this pocketable safe has a silicone over-mold to conceal odor for any recreational or legal products that you want concealed. Its appearance is even discreet. It may come off looking like a power bank to the curious onlooker because of its compact size and sleek design. The TROVA Go smart safe even has GPS tracking in case you misplace it or someone steals it.

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Images courtesy of TROVA